A interesting first day..

Well for a first day of class there is 2 things that can happen. #1 you pick up your syllabus, go over the highlights, then leave (early). or #2 get your syllabus, go over the highlights, then do some actual work. LOL..so far I’ve had both examples, and in my first class we actually had lecture over the first two chapters, and homework assigned for the next class. Nothing like getting started early, eh?
Second class was pretty much going over the syllabus, and will be what happens in my 7:25 class tonight (same professor). At least I have time now to do a little reading (I finished homework during lunch break) and maybe actually get a little ahead this semester.

I’m feeling a little bit better. Still feeling congested, and coughing. I’m usually ok until I talk, then it brings on the coughing. Guess I should keep my mouth shut huh?

Ok..time to do some reading, after I find my cough medicine.