Sunday Snaps

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I’m not sure if this tiny toad is just a baby or full grown. Small isn’t he?

Not much going on today.. watching the rain mostly, and the Olympics again tonight. Do I really have to go to school tomorrow? It’s not that I mind..its the waiting until 6pm to go that I’m not too fond of right now.

We had a great time this week. Nikki and I kept the roads hot, and the department stores busy. Not to mention all the food! Thai, Korean, seafood, Italian… and great big pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. Did I mention all the different Martini drinks we tried last night? Let me see.. there was the Expresso Martini, Key Lime Pie Martini, Chocolate Martini, Margarita Martini, and the Aphrodisiac Martini all from over at Bonefish Grill.
Oh and did you know that Bed Bath and Beyond will accept all the coupons you have? Maybe its just our store, but the cashier told me that they will accept one coupon for each item..even if its expired! I only had two with me.. I’d tossed out the others because they were expired! I did get a good deal on some Martini Chillers.. these glasses sit on ice so your drink doesn’t get warm.

Ok.. time for bed for me.. 5:30 comes early.. maybe I’ll sleep in for once, since it is my last free day!
Hug & Learn Baby Tad
Hug & Learn Baby Tad
by LeapFrog