MIA? Nah.. just BWS (Busy With School)

Yes.. I’m still here, and I’m really glad we don’t have Friday classes too! Can you say TGIF?!
All my classes seem to be pretty interesting so far. Only two presentations this time too. One will be on General Electric and Globalization, and the other can be on anything we choose. I thought about doing one on personal safety on campus and then J suggested one on motorcycle safety, and I like his idea a lot better.

Changes on campus.. quite a few. No more ‘Coffee Club’ which I’m going to miss. The coffee club is where back in 2001 I purchased a 14oz steel travel mug (with school logo) for $15, and then you get refills for free. Well.. I do believe in the past three years I got my money’s worth of coffee.. way over in fact. Hmm.. lets do the math..
Coffee = $.99
# cups each day =3
Days in school week = 4
# of weeks in semester = 16
= $190.08
Then if you take that.. and multiply it times the number of semesters I used the coffee club (9) = $1,710.72. Thats a lot of coffee isn’t it? LOL..actually it means I almost earned a free semester of classes in coffee! Well its just a estimate.. and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t drinking coffee every day, but then during finals week I probably refilled my coffee a few more times. However I think the soccer team lived on the stuff!

OH.. another new thing about campus..Subway! Yep.. Subway is open now on campus. Get this.. they are advertising it as “Open to the public” out on the highway too. Bad thing is that lunch break is from 12:15 -1pm.. I won’t be eating there much..but would you want to stand in line with people that really shouldn’t be there? I thought stores on campus were for students etc. not the general public..
We also have free aerobics and yoga classes that are offered everyday. I just might check out the yoga class since I do have a 3 1/2 hour break between classes twice a week. Free is free..thats what all those fees are for right?
Yesterday I was on break between classes when the strangest thing happened.. a Blackhawk landed on campus. Pretty cool too! I didn’t realize how big they are..a real contrast in size though when it landed by our library tower..the tallest building on campus. I’m not quite sure why it landed there, other than the fact it had something to do with the ROTC program on campus. Yep..I did have my little disposable camera in my purse, and I did get a couple of photos.

There was also a lady on campus selling her custom handbags too.. I saw this one and had to have it. Why did I feel that I couldn’t live without this purse? Well on Monday while walking to my car I spotted something silver on the ground..guess what it was.. a little silver elephant charm.. so it was a little freaky when I saw the purse on Wednesday…. weird huh?
Ok.. time to get busy around here. Whats on tap for today? Homework and Laundry! Hmmm.. hard decision..reading 4 chapters..or laundry…. Dang! Homework wins again!