Hanging out on HOG night

I had a last minute invite from a friend of mine to go to a dinner. What kind of dinner you ask? Well.. lets just say I was out of place since I didn’t arrive via a Harley-Davidson. Yes..I did leave the Suzuki at home . My friend writes for a magazine called IronWorks and invited me to tag along with her while she was to interview Jean Davidson . Ms. Davidson was in town speaking to the local Hog chapter and Hog dealers about her new books and telling stories about what it was like for her growing up in the Davidson family. The funny part was when someone ask her if she ‘needed a son’. We had a pretty good time.. lots of food.. lots of HD stories.. next time I’ll remember to wear a pair of leather pants..hehe

Slow it down!

“Speed demons take heed.

Beginning Friday, Alabama law enforcement in every county in the state will be out in full force to catch and ticket speeders, tailgaters and others caught violating traffic laws.

Gov. Bob Riley announced Thursday a statewide crackdown on speeding that will include doubling the number of officers patrolling Alabama’s interstates and roads.

Approximately 300 Alabama deputies will team up with 363 state troopers to rein in speeders and aggressive drivers in an effort to reduce the number of traffic fatalities in the state.”
(Read the complete article from the Montgomery Advertiser)

Coming soon to a theatre near you..maybe

September 3 – September 9
About the music composer Cole Porter.. starring Kevin Kline and Ashlee Judd. Singing appearances by Natalie Cole, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, and Robbie Williams.

She Hate Me
September 17 – September 23
Check the trailer on this one too.. cute

Zaitoichi – Justice is Blind!
October 1 – October 7
Check out the trailer and if you check your local television listing you might catch one of the orginal episodes.

Bright Young Things
October 29 – November 4
A former ‘GhostBuster’ has a supporting role in this one..

Links via Capri Theatre, Montgomery Alabama
The Capri Theatre was built in 1941, named The Clover, and was Montgomery’s first theatre.

MIA? Nah.. just BWS (Busy With School)

Yes.. I’m still here, and I’m really glad we don’t have Friday classes too! Can you say TGIF?!
All my classes seem to be pretty interesting so far. Only two presentations this time too. One will be on General Electric and Globalization, and the other can be on anything we choose. I thought about doing one on personal safety on campus and then J suggested one on motorcycle safety, and I like his idea a lot better.

Changes on campus.. quite a few. No more ‘Coffee Club’ which I’m going to miss. The coffee club is where back in 2001 I purchased a 14oz steel travel mug (with school logo) for $15, and then you get refills for free. Well.. I do believe in the past three years I got my money’s worth of coffee.. way over in fact. Hmm.. lets do the math..
Coffee = $.99
# cups each day =3
Days in school week = 4
# of weeks in semester = 16
= $190.08
Then if you take that.. and multiply it times the number of semesters I used the coffee club (9) = $1,710.72. Thats a lot of coffee isn’t it? LOL..actually it means I almost earned a free semester of classes in coffee! Well its just a estimate.. and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t drinking coffee every day, but then during finals week I probably refilled my coffee a few more times. However I think the soccer team lived on the stuff!

OH.. another new thing about campus..Subway! Yep.. Subway is open now on campus. Get this.. they are advertising it as “Open to the public” out on the highway too. Bad thing is that lunch break is from 12:15 -1pm.. I won’t be eating there much..but would you want to stand in line with people that really shouldn’t be there? I thought stores on campus were for students etc. not the general public..
We also have free aerobics and yoga classes that are offered everyday. I just might check out the yoga class since I do have a 3 1/2 hour break between classes twice a week. Free is free..thats what all those fees are for right?
Yesterday I was on break between classes when the strangest thing happened.. a Blackhawk landed on campus. Pretty cool too! I didn’t realize how big they are..a real contrast in size though when it landed by our library tower..the tallest building on campus. I’m not quite sure why it landed there, other than the fact it had something to do with the ROTC program on campus. Yep..I did have my little disposable camera in my purse, and I did get a couple of photos.

There was also a lady on campus selling her custom handbags too.. I saw this one and had to have it. Why did I feel that I couldn’t live without this purse? Well on Monday while walking to my car I spotted something silver on the ground..guess what it was.. a little silver elephant charm.. so it was a little freaky when I saw the purse on Wednesday…. weird huh?
Ok.. time to get busy around here. Whats on tap for today? Homework and Laundry! Hmmm.. hard decision..reading 4 chapters..or laundry…. Dang! Homework wins again!

Sunday Snaps

Click photo for a larger view.
I’m not sure if this tiny toad is just a baby or full grown. Small isn’t he?

Not much going on today.. watching the rain mostly, and the Olympics again tonight. Do I really have to go to school tomorrow? It’s not that I mind..its the waiting until 6pm to go that I’m not too fond of right now.

We had a great time this week. Nikki and I kept the roads hot, and the department stores busy. Not to mention all the food! Thai, Korean, seafood, Italian… and great big pretzels from Auntie Anne’s. Did I mention all the different Martini drinks we tried last night? Let me see.. there was the Expresso Martini, Key Lime Pie Martini, Chocolate Martini, Margarita Martini, and the Aphrodisiac Martini all from over at Bonefish Grill.
Oh and did you know that Bed Bath and Beyond will accept all the coupons you have? Maybe its just our store, but the cashier told me that they will accept one coupon for each item..even if its expired! I only had two with me.. I’d tossed out the others because they were expired! I did get a good deal on some Martini Chillers.. these glasses sit on ice so your drink doesn’t get warm.

Ok.. time for bed for me.. 5:30 comes early.. maybe I’ll sleep in for once, since it is my last free day!
Hug & Learn Baby Tad
Hug & Learn Baby Tad
by LeapFrog

Keeping busy

Just a quick note to say TGIF!! We’ve been keeping busy around here.. lots of shopping, and catching up with each other. More shopping in store for today too! Maybe J won’t hide the checkbook from me! J/k