What a day

I finished my little rose garden today that I started yesterday. Let
me tell you.. those guys on HGTV that can redecorate a back yard in a
day..well they must have 15 workers we don’t see..and a sod cutter!
The hard part? That was removing the sod from the area that I wanted
the garden. After most of the sod around the edges was up..(a strip
about a foot wide) then the rest was nothing.

Its looking good..several hours of work..8 bags of pine bark (I need three more), and
half a roll of landscape cloth. It looks pretty good too! I even
buried the soaker hose under all the bark where it can’t be seen, then
this evening when I show J the finished project he said, "Do you have
any more of those solar lights left?" Yep.. I added a couple of those
to the garden too. I’ll post a picture later..I don’t have one in
here, and I’m too lazy right now to get off the couch..LOL

Well we didn’t close on the other house today.. seems their mortgage
dude doesn’t understand termite control. A couple years ago we had
Cook’s come out and install Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination
System (http://www.cookspest.com/sentricon.html) at our house. So
now we’re waiting on him to contact his ‘underwriter’ and they will
call us tomorrow about coming in again to sign the papers. Such a
nerd! I told my mom about it, and she she even knows what the
in-ground stations are for! Oh well..