Update from the weekend

We had a really busy weekend..its hard to know where exactly to start
(plus who knows what all I’ve forgot by now).
Saturday we made homemade ice cream..blueberry to be exact. I have a
hint for you about making ice cream too. Don’t use your old hand
crank ice cream maker. Why? Because once everything started setting
up the paddle broke! Yep.. now I have a ‘handy dandy’ umbrella holder
that looks remarkably like a old ice cream maker! Looks pretty
good..nice cedar bucket too! But we did get 5 quarts of ice cream
out of it before it died.

I still haven’t picked up the antique china cabinet I bought. Since
we don’t have a truck we’re borrowing one from someone, and now its
decided to rain everyday! I can’t wait to get it home, and everything
into it. I’ll share photos once we get it home.

Sunday G headed back home..the two of us left here around 7:30-8:00am,
driving towards Atlanta..big mistake! There’s two routes in getting
to his house..one through Birmingham, and the other through Atlanta.
Each route is about the same mileage, so I decided to go a different
route this time. Traffic wasn’t tooooo bad, but the A$$ who was
sitting in the middle of 5 lanes, with his door open, talking on his
cellphone for a tow was the last straw..LOL. Seems his car died, and
he just sat there..no flashers or anything. I just knew he was about
to get run over when one of those huge wreckers flew up behind him,
cars going in different directions, cutting people off just to keep
from hitting him. It’s a wonder he even had a car door!

So after getting through Atlanta, we stopped in Calhoun GA at one of
the outlet centers there. I’ve fallen in love with the Gap Outlet!!
Talk about some great prices! We did some shopping, then headed on
to G’s house. With the car about 100 pounds lighter from everything
he accumulated while here, I headed back home..hoping to out run a bad
storm coming into Chattanooga.

I managed to stay ahead of that storm..but hit another one about
Birmingham. The drive wasn’t too bad..a little over 550 miles in
all..and I was home at 6pm as planned. Talk about drive around the
block! G commented that I was going to be driving in one huge circle
by the time I get back home.

Once home I was so tired that I was dozing on the couch before I knew it.