If you were driving down the road, and saw someone who’d layed their motorcycle down (and the rider was still trying to get free from it), would you:

a. Stop and offer assistance.
b. Drive on by, not even slowing down. (this could be even multiple cars, all driving by)

Until it happens to you, or someone close to you, you’d be surprised at the answer. People can be A$$’s. I mean if I saw someone lay a bike down right in front of me I would stop.. not just keep on going. Maybe I’m not big enough to get the bike off of them, but I’d at least try.

OH another thing. If your driving your car/truck/whatever down the highway, don’t get on the bikers tail.. give us a little room. Last thing a biker wants to know is if something should go wrong, that this AH behind us won’t have the distance to stop..believe me when I say bikes have a shorter stopping distance than a car.

All right..I’ll shut up now.