New family addition!

How can people be so cruel? Yesterday started off pretty nice, but around lunchtime we had storms for most of the rest of the day..lots of heavy rain, wind and lightning. Well around 6pm J headed down to class and while driving along he saw a dog sitting on the side of the road..just sitting there like it was waiting for someone. This stretch of road doesn’t have too many houses on it, for the most part its farm land and a few swamps. Plus he drives down that road every day to class, and has never noticed a dog. Well a couple hours later he’s heading back home, and the dog is still sitting there, so this time he stops and brings her home. She (yep its a she) is wet..has mats of hair in several places..but still a pretty dog, and happy to be around people again. On the collar theres a tag where she got her rabies shot, and the name and number for a vet. Giving them a call we only get the answering service, so we decide to give them a call in the morning and see if they can track down the owners via her rabies number.

J gives them a call, then calls me at home to tell me “Looks like you’ve got a new puppy.” The vet called the owners, who said they had given the dog away, but didn’t know who it was, or where they were. So hearing that, I give our vet a call and make her an appointment for a check up and cleaning. Our vets office ask about the dog, and I tell her what the other vets office said, and she says they here that all the time.. people abandon their dogs, then claim they gave them away. maybe they did give her away.. but now she’s our dog.. and she’ll have a nice home.
Oh.. I asked J if the vet knew the dogs name..he didn’t know, so called them back. Her name is Liberty.. which explains her red, white and blue collar.