New Digs

Yep.. spent most of the day waiting on the fence people who called at 5pm wanting to know if they could still come out (were supposed to be here at 2pm). Right now they are supposed to be here around 7am tomorrow..I was just tired of waiting on them. During my ‘waiting time’ I did a little moving around. My computer now has its happy home in our front little ‘formal’ room. No wires too! I might change out the lighting..but a chandelier does add some character to web surfing and blogging. Hmm.. I wonder if one of those Murano glass lamps would look good in here.. I’ll have to ask Nikki about their sizes. If I think it will work (and depending on the cost), I’ll ask her to pick one up the next time she’s in Venice, then ship one over before she comes to visit in August. ((crossing fingers that it survives a trip from Italy)) but then again all the goodies I shipped from there made it fine..except for one piece of pottery that was cracked, and USPS reimbursed me for it, but only the cost, not the shipping.

Wondering what the new digs look like? Here’s a little picture:
Don’t want to get out the bifocals? Just click the picture for a larger version.

Well I feel like school is just around the corner. Actually classes start back on August 23, so I still have a little time left. I actually ordered my books on Monday.. two I was able to get through and saved $108 off the cost of buying them used at school. The other two I couldn’t find online, so I put two used ones on hold until Aug. 13. At least if I pick them up on the 13th they will give me a 10% discount.. that covers the 10% sales tax that I’d have to pay anyways. There’s nothing like spending money, eh?

Ok.. back to checking mail..doing some surfing, and sipping my 2000 Johannisberg Reisling thats calling my name.