Its already looking like a busy day today. AC people are coming around 10am to do a check-up on the AC units. Then after lunch the people from Invisible Fence are coming out to do a estimate. We looked at putting up chainlink, but wouldn’t that kind of clash with our current landscape? LOL..I know the deer wouldn’t like a fence one bit!

The new puppy checked out just fine at the Vets office..all paperwork transfered from the previous vet, and now she’s caught up on all her shots, and on heartworm preventive. Both dogs are getting along fine.. Kat, our older dog finally layed down the rules this morning..showing her just “who’s the boss around here”. LOL..and no it’s not Tony Danza either! Liberty hasn’t messed with the birds today too much, but I’m still keeping an eye on her. Last thing we need is a run in with the dog and our Amazon…

Ok.. time to put the dogs up, as the AC folks should be here any time now.