Miss Me?

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! Just sitting here watching VH-1’s I Love The 70’s… ah the memories..LOL Nothing much else on to watch..it’s always funny too, especially when they show clips from Taxi (remember Latka and Tony “Who’s the Boss” Danza) and CHiPs.

  • Earlier today I had fun watching the hummingbirds that are coming to our feeders. I had two..but I added one more. Now lets see how the little birds fight over all that sugar. I think I counted 7..but there could have been more of them. The fun part was going and standing by the feeder, and watching them come up to your face! One got really ticked off..I just knew she was going to run into me just to get me to leave.
  • After the hummingbird show we drove up to Rockford and picked up a few supplies.. time to start the second batch of beer. It sure would be nice if someone would open a supply store closer.. oh well.. the drive was fun anyways. The batch we have going right now is a red ale..the second one will be a wheat beer. We’ll start that one tomorrow.. a good way to celebrate the 4th of July!
  • I also planted a few roses that I’d picked up earlier in the week at Southern Homes and Gardens. I bought three new ones.. Helmut Schmidt (clear yellow), Gypsy Carnival (strawberry red and yellow bi-color), and Chrysler Imperial (dark crimson). I also planted three more that I have had in containers for years.. they were looking sad, so maybe those will perk back up after being in the ground for a few days. Now the fun begins…removing the rest of the grass growing close to them, and filling in with mulch and landscaping cloth to keep out weeds.. then to put up a border around them. Yeah! More things to do!
  • Late this evening J and I went for a ride.. I needed to check out my bike after getting it out of the shop yesterday. Everything looked good.. and we went for a nice little ride of about 30 miles or so. What is it about people that try to drive right up on your tail-end! Maybe its just me, but I’d never follow a motorcycle as close as some people were following me. Reminds me of what I saw painted on the back windshield of a car I saw.. in nice pretty white letters about 4 inches tall it read “Backoff Bitch”. I wonder how many people he’s ticked off with that little saying..LOL

    Ok..back to music from the 1970’s!

  • PS.. Big SOLD sign up on the other house!! Wooo!