Are you getting them too? Third one in the past six weeks.. what is
it? Well seems keeps sending me $10 gift certificates to use
over on EBay. No strings attached, just buy something in the Book,
Movie, Music and Video Game sections and pay with PayPal. Pretty cool
though.. I get to add to my DVD collection again! Hmm.. what to buy
though.. (thinking).. I’ve got the Buffy series on dvd, so no Buffy
this time, but I really would like to finish up my Friends collection
that I just started..only thing is that show was on forever! So this
may take awhile. Ok.. I admit it, "I’m a geek"! Hey if I could get
all the Stargate seasons I would! LOL

Not much going on around here.. two flat tires on the mower, so until
we get the tires changed out with the new ones no finishing the yard.
At least I finished up the front yesterday, so things don’t look too
bad out there. I’m not brave enough to try it with the push mower..
its just too hot and one heat stroke is good enough for me, no need to
try for two. (by the I didn’t run over anything, they already
had little slow leaks )

What’s for dinner? I’m not sure here. It all depends on whether or
not we go see "The Twilight Samurai" tonight. We were supposed to go
last night, but forgot all about it until it was too late. I’ve heard
its really good.. so if J gets in from work in time we might just head
down to old Cloverdale for pizza and a movie. If not, I’ll just get
it from Netflix when it is out on DVD.

Ok.. time to get busy.