Everybody keep cool!

Oh wow its hot outside already! We’re under a heat advisory for today
(no kidding)..currently it’s 92 with a heat index of 112. Our high
today is supposed to be 99.. so we’ll just wait it out inside today.

Boy iris bulbs are hardy little things. A couple weeks ago I dug up
some bulbs from the other house to move up here. Well one thing led
to another and they never were replanted. They were outside sitting
inside a plastic bag. Today I finally replanted them, and they still
look good. I wasn’t sure where to put them, but at least they are in
the ground and I can move them at a later time. I also moved some
ginger too.. I just couldn’t leave it all behind, the flowers are very
pretty, and they are good cover for the end of our storage building
(once they multiply a bit).

Well J just called a few minutes ago. He’s in Atlanta waiting on his
transfer flight to Montgomery. I’ll be glad when he’s home.. maybe I
won’t wake up scared again! OK.. you have to hear the story. We have
a dog..and she sleeps in our room at night on her own doggie bed.
Well this morning around 3am I wake up.. and you know how it feels
when someone is laying up next to your back..how you can feel them
there? Well that’s what I felt, and it really caught me off guard.
After my shock I realized it was our dog.. she never does that, and
why see picked last night to sneak up on the bed with me I’ll never
know. I guess she was maybe protecting me? Who knows.. I’m amazed
she even jumped up there because our bed is really high and she’s no
young pup. It’s funny now.. but it wasn’t last night!

OK.. time to get some lunch and tidy things up before heading over to
the airport.