Can you say

Yes.. I know I forgot to post this weekend. Things were a little busy around here, but hopefully I’ll catch up right now. Friday evening we drove up to Chapel Hill, TN for our yearly karate summer camp. This is when all our schools get together somewhere and have a 6am workout outside, then several different seminars all day long, plus people who tested for their black belt in April would get their certificates and belts. Then that night there are several different competitions too. Well we didn’t leave until after 4pm – so it was about 9pm when we finally arrived… talk about a long drive. I didn’t work out, but I did take a lot of photos for our dojo’s homepage.. and some of J getting his 3rd degree too! CONGRATS J!!!

Well we cut our trip to Tennessee short.. came back home on Saturday around noon. J had to get ready to leave for DC today, so we decided it best to just come on home early. I’m glad we did too.. but the drive was awful! Its the first time I’ve ever noticed so much debris on I-65! Let’s see.. once we had to dodge a flying gas can..something big and black that looked like luggage.. then I do believe we saw several cars all close together with flat tires!

Just for a treat we stopped off in Clanton (home of the big peach) for some homemade ice cream. I would have got a basket of peaches.. but they would more than likely go bad before we could eat them all. Hmm.. that reminds me.. I want to see if I can find the blueberry farm that’s close to us, and see if they have any berries.

Today we didn’t do too much. Got J all packed and off to the airport (last I heard he was in Memphis waiting on his connection). Again traffic really sucked on the way over to the airport.. what’s up with all these ‘rubber neckers’?? One car is pulled into the median, and traffic in all lanes is back up for a couple miles, just crawling along. I mean ..gee..there wasn’t even anything in the road, and the wrecker is just helping the people out! It’s ok.. we weren’t late.. LOL. I wish we all could have went with J.. G and I could have went sightseeing while he was working! I mean he’s only a mile from the White House.. who knows, we could have stopped in to see George. Oh.. I forgot, he’s going to be in Tennessee.. oh well.. maybe next time!