Back in business..

Well the CD drive is finally back in business.. after 4 years if finally croaked.. well it was making these weird noises everytime I tried to use it. Now I feel uptown.. no more CD-RW.. I got me a new Sony DVD+-RW DriveSony DRU-530A 8x Internal Dual Format DVD+-RW Drive. Now I can watch all those dvd’s I’ve bought without leaving my computer..LOL.. ok..just kidding, but I could if I wanted to. I lucked out and got a good price on it, plus Infone sent me a $10 gift certificate for Amazon a while back too. Can’t beat that, especially with free shipping too.

Yesterday G and I took off to Auburn to Surfside for a little while. I say little while because I don’t care how cool the water might be, there comes a time when its just too hot to be outside at all! I think Thursday’s happen to be munchkin day too.. imagine 100’s of tiny 6 and unders running around everywhere! Usually its not crowded, and it wasn’t that crowded, but could seem overwhelming at times! Since I’m not supposed to be jumping into water yet, I decided to sit at the end of the wave pool with my legs in the water (you know..pretend I’m sitting at the edge of the ocean..on the beach). Well this was very nice..for about ummmm three minutes. Oh it wasn’t that the sun was too hot, or the water too chilly.. it was like I became the kiddy magnet! Yep.. now everyone under 6 wants to sit, run, jump, splash, swim, kick, wrestle.. all right next to me, when there is a “great big huge” (I say that with my Mike Myers voice Listen) wave pool that they can play in. I’ve got a better chance on not bumping the nose coming down the waterslides now! Ok.. back to my chair and watching all the little ones run around at a distance.

After 3 or so hours we’ve had we head back home. Back home now to wait on the UPS guy (website said my DVD drive was on its way) and its finally here. Time to disconnect everything and get things ready to install. J gets home..he’s so sweet.. he even leaves me a surprise to find outside later when I water my tomato plants. He’s bought me a stepping stone that has little tiles in the design of hummingbirds..he left it outside for me to find..which explains the comment he made about ‘don’t forget to water your tomatoes’. Its the cutest thing! Now I need to decide on more for around the watergarden.

Ok.. time to get busy.