Camping in the Rain!

We actually got in yesterday..but I was just too tired to do any posting. Camping was fun..especially when the rain, lightning, and wind wasn’t making a visit. We arrived at Fort Pickens Campground around 10:30am on Tuesday..just in time to see a large black cloud coming in off the Gulf. Well we found our campsite (Yes..very shady like we requested) and quickly put our tents up before the rain got there. Tents were up and everything in now it’s time for some lunch. As soon as Johnny got the fire going.. rain hit.. I mean it came a flood! hotdogs for us, so we climb out of the tents and then head over to grab something to eat in town. Ok..we tried a new place (recommended by a co-worker of J’s) called Hemingway’s Island Grill on the boardwalk. We got to sit outside..nice new furnishings too. Food was really good for lunch, however we got chicken tenders, a Cuban sandwich, and a burger, and it was about $60 more than we’d really wanted to spend for lunch! But I did try a drink they had called a Mojito.. it looked like the Caipirinha that I had over in Munich.. taste and it was the same drink..just a different name!
After lunch we did a little shopping..nothing much to do right now until everything dried up a little. I got three more toe rings for my other foot. Now I match, considering I got three on my right foot last year. These are the cutest little little wedding bands that go all the way around (no pinching!), and all three are on the same toe too.
Now its time to head back to the car..that’s when the guys spotted the Orange County Choppers bikes parked by the boardwalk. Very nice..those bikes are awesome even in person..usually we’re watching them get built on television.
…To be continued!