Sunday Fun

Sunday fun..or rather just being lazy. Not much going on..catching up on laundry, laying on the couch watching the ‘Do It Yourself’ channel..munching on cake.. yep..gained back 3 pounds already! I did get out for a little bit this morning and went to Walmart for some groceries. The fun part was deciding where to put them. Both freezers are almost full, and I think I bought way too many frozen things!

Have you ever just felt ‘blaaah’..that’s how I’ve felt most of today..just wanting to lay around and do nothing. Lately I’ve been waking up with a small nagging headache, but it usually goes away after I’m up and take something for it. I’ll have to ask my doctor tomorrow about it.. I still have some swelling, so that could be the cause too. more checkup with my doctor tomorrow, just to see if all my stitches are holding like they should be. He said it would be about 2 months before all of them are gone (removed).

More Camping Story~~~~
Tuesday after lunch at Hemingway we headed back to the campground. Not a bad drive from Pensacola..but a bit slower than usual because of the rain, and the speed limit was lowered because of birds nesting close to the road heading to the campground. We walked down to the sound and looked for shells.. the boys were looking for crabs and seeing who could find the biggest! There was only one other person on the beach with us… but that was ok..we didn’t have too long before the rain headed back our way.
Tuesday night was storm heaven.. lightning, wind and lots of rain. I just knew we’d get struck.. and I only got about 3 hours sleep in all.. between the lightning, thunder and the water keeping us awake. Yep.. good old brand new SEARS tent leaked like a sieve. If water wasn’t dripping in from the top (through the rain fly – then through the tent walls) it was coming in from the bottom. Not too bad from the bottom, but at one time Johnny touched the floor on his side and it was like a water bed! Seems the rain was making its way underneath, and getting between the ground cloth and the tent floor. The next day that ground cloth came out.. then it was turned into a tarp for the tent. I’m glad we brought all our bungee cords!

Geoffrey’s tent leaked from the bottom too, but we figured it would, since its about 10 years old. So all the sleeping bags, and towels ended up being hung out to dry each day.. but drying would take forever because every time we turned around it was sprinkling or raining again! Wednesday we headed to the laundry at the campground to dry everything.. we didn’t want to wait in line with everyone else to share the three dryers, so we went into town. J got directions from the store clerk at the campground and it wasn’t hard to find. We waited next door at the Cool Beans Sip & Surf and filled up on a mixed fruit smoothie and G had a double scoop cone. I thought about logging on the computer there..but paying $4 for 15 minutes just didn’t feel right..LOL.

All dry we head back to camp..this time everything stays in the truck until its needed.

At one point we were down at the beach.. a good 10 minute walk from camp, playing in the ocean. Well in the distance we could see some clouds coming in, but they really looked far off. Sure enough it wasn’t long before the sprinkles started, so I grabbed the camera and headed back to camp to close all the tents doors and windows (hey the sun was out and no clouds when we walked down to the beach). Well before I got 50 yards the bottom fell out! Yep.. soaked! I walked as fast as I could.. but sure enough the rain got to camp long before I could! Well when I got there I was confused.. all the tents were zipped up, and the blanket that was on the line is put inside one of the tents. Our neighbor (in the camper) didn’t want our stuff getting wet, so they zipped everything up for us when the rain started! Cool! We thanked them later by giving them some of our watermelon we’d brought.

Well dinner time is coming.. so its time to start a fire.. kabobs for dinner that I’d made up at home, and have been soaking in marinade. Well about the time the fire is good and hot..more rain! I’m not giving up though.. I’ve got my rain poncho and my aluminum foil tent to cover the grill! All in all a great dinner.. plus everyone else got room service (no need for everyone to get wet waiting on dinner).

More later!

Room Service!