Wow.. its Saturday..

I guess I really need to get to bed huh? We had a really nice relaxing day.. watched some TV.. a few more episodes of Season 1 of Friends.. did laundry..and just piddled around the house. I’m hoping I’m feeling a lot better by Sunday night, I really want to go down to Jubilee Cityfest and see Lynard Skynard.. you know.. “FREE BIRD!!” LOL Ok J.. I know I took your line, but I just had to do it. Depending on how the face feels (and looks) will be a big part of deciding if we go. I could do the Michael Jackson thing and wear a mask! Nah.. too dang hot around here for that. I’m looking better today.. too bad I didn’t hide the camera from J.. yep he snapped a picture while I was asleep on Thursday.. its not pretty either. So since he took that one, we took another today, and will keep on until its all healed up. Geez I look like a loser in a Tyson fight.. except I still have both my ears!

Ok.. its time for bed.. be back later (today!)