Stop! I want to get off this thing!

Yeah.. its been one of those weeks so far.  Finals this week, then I’m finally through.  I finished one final yesterday.. Yeah Econ is finished..for now anyways.  Seems the Econ department really want me to take more Econ classes for my electives.  Hmm.. maybe I will considering if I take four over what I’m required I can claim a minor in Economics.  I’ll just have to look into it a little more.. but I do like Economics .. thats weird of me isn’t it!

Study study study.. I feel like thats all I’ve done since Sunday. Saturday we went to see Faulkners graduation.. then out to dinner with friends, and off to a graduation party. Yep.. thats how I start my study session for finals.. going to a keg party! LOL

Considering it rained for the majority of the weekend we didn’t do much else. Cleaned up some Saturday morning at the other house, getting things ready to paint. Just one room left, and thats the one with the new drywall. I can’t wait till we’re finally finished and get that baby sold or rented out. Once thats done we can start on this one.. finished up the basement.

Well I’m going to get busy studying.. two more exams tomorrow, then its summer break! Yeah. I would have started studying earlier, but things around here needed to be done know like laundry I don’t think going to school naked would be too productive.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! Now go have a Margariti Grande for me, OK???!!!