Busy Saturday.. almost a DIY day!

We tried to sleep in.. but you know how it is when you have a aging dog that really needs to go out. I hope someone takes care of me like that when I’m old..LOL
Busy day today.. worked in the yard most of the morning. Over all we did ge a lot done.
1. Edged most of the sidewalk and driveway.
2. Potted my new lemon tree. Remember those huge $80 trees I found back in March? Well they were half price, and I picked one up Wednesday.
3. Repotted three orchids.
4. Picked up the ‘tomato cages’ from the other house and put around our tomato plants here.
5. Opps.. forgot to say I planted three tomato plants.
6. In the process of planting those plants I ended up with 8 ant bites on my knees.
7. Picked up a bag of ant killer at Lowes.
8. Also picked up the stuff needed to seal and paint the back patio and front porch. Someone is going to be busy tomorrow..hehe
9. Shopping at Goody’s
10. … time to rest.. more later!