7th Heaven

For those of you enjoying the sunshine today.. try one of these:

    7th Heaven

.75oz. Seagram’s 7
.5oz. Amaretto
4oz. Orange Juice
Splash of Sweet and Sour

Stir all ingredients into a cocktail glass with ice. Garnish with Fruit. Find a spot in the shade. Enjoy.

Remember.. don’t drink and drive.

Rain rain rain.. did I mention rain?

The sun came out for a little while.. maybe an hour or so. I picked up G from his friends house and stopped by Wal-mart before heading back to the house. We needed more potting soil so I could repot my house plants and while we were there yesterday I totally forgot to get it. So needless to say, today I repotted four more plants.. combined a few that were the same.. now to decide where to put them. Right now they are all getting a nice long rain shower..after that they will most likely go back to the porch, or on the back patio that J finished sealing/painting this week. I think the patio turned our really good..no more red dirt stained concrete..now its a light gray with a non-skid surface (pic). We’ll refinish the front porch too.. maybe a light ’sand’ color so that there isn’t so much gray out front.

Well J’s home from his ride on his bike…they got a little wet, but thats part of the fun of it, right? Time to decide what we’ll have for dinner..since its nice and cool out, maybe we’ll do a little grilling and have a nice evening on the patio. Have a great Memorial Day! Enjoy your sunshine if you have it!!!