7th Heaven

For those of you enjoying the sunshine today.. try one of these:

    7th Heaven

.75oz. Seagram’s 7
.5oz. Amaretto
4oz. Orange Juice
Splash of Sweet and Sour

Stir all ingredients into a cocktail glass with ice. Garnish with Fruit. Find a spot in the shade. Enjoy.

Remember.. don’t drink and drive.

Rain rain rain.. did I mention rain?

The sun came out for a little while.. maybe an hour or so. I picked up G from his friends house and stopped by Wal-mart before heading back to the house. We needed more potting soil so I could repot my house plants and while we were there yesterday I totally forgot to get it. So needless to say, today I repotted four more plants.. combined a few that were the same.. now to decide where to put them. Right now they are all getting a nice long rain shower..after that they will most likely go back to the porch, or on the back patio that J finished sealing/painting this week. I think the patio turned our really good..no more red dirt stained concrete..now its a light gray with a non-skid surface (pic). We’ll refinish the front porch too.. maybe a light ’sand’ color so that there isn’t so much gray out front.

Well J’s home from his ride on his bike…they got a little wet, but thats part of the fun of it, right? Time to decide what we’ll have for dinner..since its nice and cool out, maybe we’ll do a little grilling and have a nice evening on the patio. Have a great Memorial Day! Enjoy your sunshine if you have it!!!

Happy Memorial Day

I hope your day doesn’t start off like ours.. tornado watches started around 3am.. well by 6:30am the weather finally got here. Hmmm… I wonder what’s on tv.. I’m off to the couch.

11:20am Update! The sun is out! Woo!


Nothing much happening around here…finished up all the laundry YEAH! and did some shopping. I actually drove today..first time since Tuesday, all along I kept thinking about ‘What if someone hits me and the air-bag comes out!’ Went to Wal-mart.. did some shopping. I didn’t notice too many ‘funny’ looks, but then again my racoon eyes are looking a lot better today. I could show you pictures from the other days.. but I wouldn’t want to gross you out too much.

We picked up a flag today, and now have it proudly displayed on our front porch. Don’t forget tomorrow is Memorial Day, so go hug a Vet or anyone that active duty too! They all need to know they have our support.
After Wal-mart we dropped G off at a friend of ours so he could go to church, then spend the night there. We cruised on over to the other house to see how the carpet looked after the cleaning was dry. Looked really good (it should for what they charge).. plus its all nice and fresh smelling too! Wednesday we’ll be talking with our realtor. One bad thing though… is we have had a large long-leaf pine in the front yard..well in just the past week the thing died! Now we’ll have to call a tree trimmer and have it removed. Oh well.. if it’s not one thing, its another.
Well I guess I really need to get to bed.. then again I’ll probably be awake to 2am again. I guess I’m just getting ‘ancy’ about this cast on my nose.. feeling every little itch or tickle.. and can’t wait until Wednesday when it finally comes off.