What a weekend..

Ok.. I’m a day late, but better late than never right?  I think we worked ourself silly this weekend.  So what did we do?

1. Saturday we left out for a little geocaching.. found 3 of the 5 we went searching for..not too bad.

2. Wine tasting down at a little store off Ann Street (not too far from where that new Wal Mart’s going up..LOL) Brought home two new wines to try.. get this name: Big Ass wine.. yep.. You should see the label too! Here’s their website.
I also picked up some beer like I had over in Munich too. Hmmm.. I think I’ll go see if there is any left right now.

3. On the way home we stoppped off by a friend of J’s from work. He had a bike he would sell if someone wanted it, so we took a look. Look here and see if you know what we did the rest of the evening.

Yep.. got my own. Now we can go riding together!

4. Home to watch tv.. time to rest.

5. Sunday.. up early, well not too early. Its either time to do some painting at the other house, or work on this one. We opt to stay here.. time to put the watergarden back into the ground. J starts on the watergarden..I wash my bike Well wouldn’t you know.. good old Alabama red clay really makes things difficult. J ended up getting the tiller out.. it was slow going, but easier getting it level in the bottom. I know his arms are tired too.. especially after I went and bought that pick-axe (trencher). Here’s a picture of what it looks like today..not quite finished. I’ll slowly add plants around it, and get the grass back around it too. You’d never know we transferred all these plants and fish from the watergarden down at the other house.

Ok.. thats the short version of this weekend…