Italy Continued

Off to Venice we go!  We left out early headed to the train station.. since Nikki had already purchased the tickets all we had to do was wait for the train.  We didn’t wait too long..just as scheduled it was right on time.

The train into Venice stopped at a lot of towns along the way.. each town with its own style.  Lots of color, many flower boxes on windows, and pretty much each home you could see from the train had a grape vine or two or twenty growing in their yard.  The yards were amazing.. all the vines pruned just right, so homes had different styles of growing them, but most of them were the same.  Each yard was also fenced in.. not chain link or anything like that, but usually some type of fancy block, wood or iron work.  The yards were all full of color.. lots of flowers in bloom, nicely trimmed trees and shrubs, and small garden plots that I’d love to have here…such rich soil.. none of this red stuff like we have here.  Oh.. and don’t forget the fruit trees!  I saw several large pots on porches that had huge lemon trees in them, and just loaded with lemons too!

We arrive in Venice about a hour or so later.. and thats when it hit me. Its amazing how your brain will suddenly go into information overload when its put in a place its never been before! All the building.. the people.. the sights! You’ve seen the photos.. what more can I say.

We walked most of the day, except for taking a break to get a cappuccino and a sandwich for lunch. We looked at masks, lots of Murano glass, candles, beadwork, jewelry, and many more shops that I can’t even think of right now.

If you go to Venice.. be prepared to walk. Even if you arrange to stay at one of the hotels located there, once you arrive my train (or some other transportation) from the airport, get ready to carry your luggage for a walk. We passed a lot of people all dragging their luggage on rollers, following the street signs like us, but headed to their hotel. I’m sure you could go by boat to a spot closer to your hotel, but there will still be some walking involved too.

All the little shops are on the small streets or walk ways (here we’d call it an alley), all brick walkways and building that have been there for many many many years. Lots of colorful buildings, lots of different styles of architecture. Then you may turn a corner and find yourself in a large courtyard with trees and a fountain…and small children running around playing soccer. Its odd to think that now we’re in ‘their neighborhood’ and this is where the people of Venice live, work and play.

Later that evening after all our shopping was finished.. we found a small restaurant for dinner. Dinner was a fixed menu, I had:
spagetti with clams, polenta, calamari (these babys were huge!! but good!), a red wine, and tiramisu for dessert. (Ok Nikki.. if I’ve forgot something let me know I can’t get to my ‘food’ pics to see that I covered it all).

Dinner was great and yes I had clams.. you know me, I won’t even order them here! After dinner we headed back towards the train station.. now everything was lighted up in Venice, and was even more beautiful than before. We’re now finally back to the train station and find our seat.. bags of goodies in tow, we’re headed back home.

(I’ll share goodie pictures later..when I can get my CD drive repaired.. I’ve worn it out!)

…to be continued!