Italy – Continued

Saturday, March 20, 2004

After waiting for my connecting flight from Paris to Venice I was finally on the last leg of a long long day.  Once I arrived at the Venice airport all that was left was to claim my bag (if it made it) and find Nikki.  Well Venice airport was smaller than I expected which was good, because I didn’t have a clue where I was.

I was waiting for my bag to be unloaded.. along with everyone else from the flight.. it just seemed to take forever. Well I spotted Nikki waiting outside the baggage claim area, and I felt a lot better. Well finally with both of my bags I was finally on my way out of the airport. I was greeted with the prettiest bouquet of flowers too!

Off to Aviano to do a few errands.. I’m so awake now its not funny, and I haven’t even had a coffee yet! We stopped off by an ATM to make sure that I was able to get Euro from my account back home.. worked great, plus the rate was a lot better, and I didn’t have to pay a $10 fee! We then stopped by a bakery close to the city center and then went for cappuccino.. the best I’ve ever had too!

… later we were finally home.. time to unload and start catching up.

This night for dinner we went out for pizza.. now forget ordering one large pizza for the three of us to share.. here you order one each. Talk about a big pizza! I think I was able to finish half of mine.. but boy was it good! (Shame on Domino’s..your pizza sucks now!) Oh.. and don’t order a Diet Coke.. order a Coke Light

Tomorrow we’re headed to Venice by train!