I conquered it!

I conquered the spreadsheet from hell! LOL.. yes it was that bad, yes I’ve been working on it for 4 days now, and yes I finally figured it out! Whew… now to start the last one and study for finals. Oh I know finals begin a two weeks from yesterday, but I’ll start doing a little studying along the way. Two finals will only cover the stuff since our last exam, where my Issues class will cover everything.

Oh we got our grade back on our presentation in marketing on ‘Television Advertising’. As a group we got a A, and for our individual grades we each got an A. Woo! See there’s something to be said about the group that asks, “Can we go first??” I think we made a few people mad too, because his remarks to the class when he gave us the assignment was that his grades on presentations are usually in the C range, and he rarely gives an A, and from the comments after class, our grade was rare. Yeah us! Yes I’m bragging! LOL The group with the old lady in it got an A!

Well I got my windshield fixed today. Its all clean and clear, almost like a new one huh? Now if I can stay away from gravel I’ll be fine.