How was your Easter?

We spent Easter here at home.. watching Food-TV, eating left-overs, and being lazy for the most part. With all the rain last night, and the clouds today there wasn’t much else to do. J did do a little cleaning on his new “toy” he bought Saturday..but as for getting to actually go out for a ride the weather just wasn’t we need a tag and helments too.  I did take it for a ride down our street and back.. you know to check it out and make sure it worked good . 

I watched a great movie the other night.. Under the Tuscan Sun. It was the first good movie I’d watched in quite a while (in the chick flick category anyways). I think the reason I liked it so much was that it was filmed in Italy. So if you get a chance, watch it.

Well school is finally winding down.. only three weeks of classes to go, then finals week. I am so ready for summer to be here, I’m ready to be lazy for awhile, and see what I can finish up around here. I’ve started on my ‘dining room’ and I think I’m going to turn it into a ‘library’. I say ‘library’ because I really don’t want a formal table in there, and it would only be big enough for 4 or 5 anyways. Last week I finally got my bookcase I’d ordered, and now I need to find some type of loveseat that would look good in there.

On Friday I did get G’s new bed.. I like it when they deliver on the same day you pay for it. He’s now got a full-sized bed and his feet don’t hang off by a foot…LOL. Plus now company will have a good bed to sleep on too, otherwise I don’t know what we’d do. We did move the twin down stairs.. so more than likely one of those rooms will be a bedroom once we finish down there too.

All of my purchases from Italy and Munich arrived this week too.. everything in great shape too, well except for one ceramic that cracked, but its insured and I’ll get it replaced. (Thanks for getting all that stuff shipped for me Nikki!)

One of the pieces was a 10 color etching that I bought in Venice (marked 1 of 10 too). Well I took it for framing and love how it turned out. Now to decide where to hang it.. hmm..maybe in the ‘library’! I’ll share more pictures of all my goodies soon too! Plus more on Italy and our trip to Munich.

Ok.. it’s after 10pm and I really need to get some sleep. Long day tomorrow..big exam on Tuesday, plus working on our last presentation for Global Trade and Finance class.