How to end a weekend..

Want a really good way to end a very nice weekend?  Then get into your 2003 (Insert Favorite Car Here) and discover a crack in your windshield that starts at the top, and runs almost to the bottom!

Yeah.. thats how my weekend ended. I’m not sure how/when it happened, but I do know it wasn’t there when we returned from Birmingham on Saturday evening. It looks like we must have been hit by a gravel..and more than likely the heat on Sunday caused it to run. Oh well.. I know where I”ll be spending my Wednesday.

In other news.. just three weeks of school left! Well.. not in all, but until summer break is finally here. I did register for fall classes too, and I still need to decide on one more class to take. My schedule right now is: Management of Organizations, Organizational Behavior, and C++I. How come its so hard now to get a really comfy schedule? Hmm.. I’m sure its because the classes I need are only offered once or twice during the semester.

Well I think I’m going to head to bed.. I’m tired of working on my Finance stuff, and really need to get some sleep. Have a great night!

OH.. notice the little ProFlowers button over on the left? Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up soon!