Can you say TGIF?

Oh what a pretty day… lots of sun, no rain, and I got the yard mowed this morning! Well.. 3/4 of it.. the rest will be done on Sunday, maybe Its a part of the back yard that can’t be seen unless your right up in it, deer need grazing grass right?
Tomorrow we’re headed up to B’ham for black belt testing for most of the day, as he’s testting for his 3rd degree. I should be testing for my 2nd..but since I’ve not been to class in a year, I’m a little behind and out of practice. I’m sure once classes are out for the summer I’ll be right back in there..full steam ahead! I’m so proud of you J!! I’ll be thinking about ya while your out there!

Ok.. since it will be a early night for us tonight, I guess I should decide on dinner. I think we’ll just go grab something..I really don’t feel like cooking, even though we just got in from the grocery store a little earlier. Isn’t that crazy.. go buy a ton of food, but nothing is ‘what I want’ to eat!