Busy Sunday.. So far

Up early.. 7am, even with the time change. Did you remember to set your clocks ahead one hour? I finished up my spreadsheet for Finance class (due Thursday), but this means I don’t have to stay for my Finance class this Tuesday. Yeah. Thanks J for helping me with all those realllllly long formulas! Quick cleaning of the house.. then off to Walmart for G to get a haircut. His hair was just way to long for him. Long is ok, except when your hair is so thick and curly that it does what ‘It’ wants.. not what you want it to do. New cut.. looking like a young man everyday. Well.. considering I’m looking up to him by a foot already, and he’s still only 13.. goodness how tall will he be when he does grow up! Off to the zoo for Zoo Weekend.. our schools karate demo is in a couple hours.. so I’ve got to run. I’m playing spectator today.. as I haven’t been to class in a really long time, and I can’t say I even know where my Gi is! Plus this way I’ll get to take some pictures.. new baby jaguars and a baby anteater too! ~~~ More posts about my Italy trip later too!