Back again

We finished up painting on the utility room today.. but I forgot to take the vacumn with me, so we didn’t get to start on the last room yet. I’ll tackle that one later, plus I need to remember to take a lamp back with us, because the last room to paint doesn’t have overhead lighting. What will we do for the rest of the day? Hmm.. right now I’m waiting on the furniture guys to get here with some mattresses I bought this morning. I just couldn’t take it any more.. G’s feet were hanging over the foot board of his twin bed this morning by about a foot. Ok.. so I know he had about three pillows on there, and that would make him closer to the end, but I thought it was time for a full-size mattress, and a good one that will last. Now to decide what to do with the twin. I guess it will go into storage, or maybe it can do downstairs when we finish the basement. Oh well.. off to run errands.