My knees are feeling it from yesterday.. I finished up the flowerbed around the water garden we started on Sunday. I think it turned out well, compared to what it looked like to begin with. I picked up a lot of colorful flowers to plant around it.. the type that will come back next year, and also multiply. I just love the Gerber daisy’s.. they are so colorful they don’t look real at all.

Last night I didn’t sleep good at all, I think it was from all the squating and bending I did trying to get everything planted before the rain got here. I moved almost all my flowers from pots that I brought from the other house.. I’m sure there are more that I need to get cutting from, but that may have to wait. I/we really need to finish up down there too.. so we can get that baby sold. Then we’ll be able to start working here, and finish up the basement. Ever since we had the gutters put on the house, we haven’t had any more leaks (knock on wood). Only now what do we do.. make it one large room, two medium room, so my favorite idea.. one large workout gym type room for the bowflex and stuff, and the other side could be two rooms, like a guest bedroom/den living area. That way we’d have an extra bedroom too. Oh well.. thats something we’ll tackle in the future.

Yesterday I did my ‘Good Deed of the Day’. Last Thursday two students left their backpacks in the classroom, and went into the hall to get a coke, and by the time they came back both backpacks were gone. Books, notebooks, everything. Now thats just pissy when someone would do that .. right before finals. So now they have nothing to use to study. We’ll for Econ our professor told us to study all our exams, because the test will be pulled from that, and the study guide for our final. Well since they don’t have their old exams to study from, I went and made copies of mine so they had something to look at. (LOL.. I’m glad I had good grades!) Well I didn’t remember her last name, but I remembered where she’d said she worked, so I went by and dropped them off. She was tickled to death.. said no one had ever been that nice before. Several of us are going to get together on Monday and study.. so that should help them out too. Karma points just went up for the day..LOL. From what she said, her other instructors loaned her books, so she would have those to use too. Want to know what the campus police said? “Don’t leave your stuff unattended.. that stuff goes on around here all the time.” Well duh… why don’t they tell us this stuff.. not let us wait to hear it from someone that it happened too!

I’ve got an idea.. maybe something like this will help. I through this together in about 30 minutes this morning.. I wonder if I can get it started up. http://escape.to/aum

Ok.. back to the books!

Picture of the Day

I saw this one earlier today, and thought it was rather funny.

“What if I only have two legs??”

What are classic legs?? Are they classifying legs into a category like ‘classic’ cars? I might just call and ask them.. LOL.. just kidding.

New Photos

Yesterday I did manage to add some photos to my web album.. I added some from Jasmine Hill Gardens here in Wetumpka. It’s a very pretty place to visit… lots of flowers, Greek statues, water gardens, and walking paths. The sad part is that in 2002 the owners closed the property to the public after being open for 73 years.

Jasmine Gardens, Wetumpka, Alabama