Wetumpka Crater Tour

Saturday we went on a tour of our local impact crater. Here’s a little more information if your interested “A Virtual Field Trip“.

I also posted some photos from our field trip. Photo Album.

Thursday night I went to a lecture given by one of the geologist from Auburn University which gave a more indepth explanation on the crater. There they also had a large photo showing the crater from above.. I tried to find our house, but couldn’t. Afterwards thought we figured out that we’re on the edge of the south-eastern rim. I wonder what the odds are of ‘lightning’ striking twice.

While still on the topic of things that are older than dirt.. no not me.. but things that are millions of years old.. here’s a link to one of my older webpages showing some local fossils I’ve found. Link . Considering this area was under the Gulf of Mexico when the impact occured.. I wonder how many animals died during that explosion.. hmmm.. are my fossils related to the impact crater? Could be….