Time to catch-up.. again

Busy busy week last week, and this weekend.  We’re both fighting colds, but I’m starting to feel a bit better today.  All I need is some nice warm weather so I can get warm for just a little while…

Jumping back to Friday..

I spent most of the day cleaning, catching up on stuff around here that gets put off because of school.  Just another yucky day that makes you want to stay inside anyways.  Well later that night we notice that Rosie’s (who’s Rosie?.. she’s our very quiet 7ft, 10pound or so, pet) dinner has turned and decided to attack her.  This has never happened before in the 5 years we’ve had her since her “rescue”.  It seems that her dinner is a demon rat that out to get revenge. (yes we’ve tried it..she won’t eat them if they are already dead) Rosie ended up with several..I mean several bad bites all along her back.  Rosies just going to have to learn to eat them dead from now on.

That is when the fun began. Trying to decide what to do. Some of these bites are so bad that you can see the muscle. We got the rat out.. put her over into a holding tank jail cell.. not that it deserved to live instead of heading to the pearly rat gates… not after what she did to Rosie. Since our vet wasn’t open at that time of night, I got out a triple antibiotic and J doctored the bites. Well our dog has an appointment at 10 on the next day (Saturday) so on Saturday morning J calls the vet to see if we can have Rosie’s bites looked at too.

Well he doesn’t work on Boa’s, so he gives us a number of another vet there in town. J gives them a call and they say to bring her over at 1pm and they will check her out. We get there.. (looking around.. wow, this is like a Hilton for pets!) finally the doctor checks her out. Sure enough the bites need stitches, but they need to put her under anesthesia so they can get her stitched up. They say it will be a few hours, but they will call once everything is finished.

We go down to Books a Million for a few hours.. looking at books and I have myself a Mocha Latte. A little bit after 4pm they call to say she’s OK, and we can come get her. We pick her up, then head back home with a groggy snake that needs to be back in her nice warm home.

She’s doing ok.. even though she looks like FrankenSnake right now. She had to go back yesterday for another shot.. plus she’ll need three more shots and they showed us how to give them to her, so we wouldn’t have to bring her back in for another three weeks.

Has anyone ever checked out or used pet insurance? Just curious.

~~~Side note:
Do you miss your pet when you go on vacation? Would you like to be able to talk to your dog or cat while your away? Well at the place we went to that day you can do just that. Board your pet there, and if they are in a ’suite’ they have a private number that you can call into to talk to your furry friend. Cool huh.