Enjoying the warm weather? 70F here today.. can you believe it? I’ve been inside most of the day, but that was because of the electricians and the dishwasher repairman that came out this morning. The warranty covered the plug in the livingroom (plug something in, and the tv goes out), and the fan in the bathroom (wouldn’t come on).. saving us some $$. A couple other things weren’t covered like the flood light on the outside of the house and the ceiling fan switch, but one of the electricians will be back out later to fix it on ‘his own time’. Pretty good deal.. plus we don’t have to do it ourself.

As for the dishwasher that started leaking.. the dishwasher guys said “yep.. there’s your problem.. that rusty spot there on the top is where your leak is (then proceeded to poke a screwdriver through it even more).. you’ll be getting a new dishwasher”. I was like.. Cool! He said the warranty company would call us in a few days to let us know what type (brand) they would send out to replace the old (18 years) one with. I bet it wasn’t two hours later when we got a call to let us know about the replacement model (we upgraded to a Energy Star model ..yes, we love those trees! hehe ) and it will be out to us in 3-5 days. Yeah for the home warranty!

Ok.. off to start some laundry and decide what we’ll be having for dinner. Have a great weekend!