What did you do today?

1. Answered call at 7:30am from appliance company telling me they were on their way to install the new dishwasher.
2. Watched The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie will the repairmen tried to decide just ‘how’ they would be able to remove the old washer.. then decide just how they would put in the new one. (former owners put the ceramic tile in the kitchen up over the legs ends on the dishwasher) They finally got everything squared away, then I got to clean up the mess. The old washer was so gone, that there was a rust flake trail out to their truck.
3. Waited patiently until they were gone and broke in the new washer with its first load of dishes. Hey its even got that ‘New Car dishwasher’ smell!
4. At 11am met hubby for lunch.. mmmm Thai!
5. Went over to the other house and did a little more painting.. baseboards, doors, and trim.
6. Back home… watched 4 episodes of Stargate SG1.
7. Caught up on email… well sort of… ok, its almost midnight.. I really need some sleep.

I hear its supposed to be pretty tomorrow.. I hope it is, I’d love to do a little hiking, biking or walking.. you do know that swimsuit weather is just around the corner! Ok.. scary thought huh.. sorry about that!

Reality and perfection are synonymous.