Lots to do

Well you know I was gone for a few days… but it’s ok if you really didn’t notice.  Last week was pretty much a blur for myself too.  Tuesday I spent the day trying to decide if I was going up on Wednesday, or very early on Thursday.  I decided just to drive up on Wednesday, giving myself all day to get there just in case the weather got worse.  I emailed my instructors to let them know I’d miss class on Thursday, and I met with one professor to arrange a different date to take my exam on.  Everything went well, and I’ll be catching up on a lot of stuff tomorrow when I return to class.   

The drive up on Wednesday went well.. I left home about 1pm and arrived in Chattanooga around 5pm. G was home from school, so I stopped by and picked him up on the way to Dalton (where my hotel was located). We found my hotel and checked in, then headed out to locate the place we needed to be by 9am the following morning. See.. long story short.. about two months ago G started hanging around with the wrong group of kids (a older group) and ended up getting into some trouble (talked into holding something for one of the kids..then got caught). He’s in a new school now, but he’s still in trouble for the things he did.

After dinner G spent the night with me, so that we could be at his hearing by 9:15 the following morning. Everything went well as could be expected, and his case was transfered to the county he lives in, and we will get another hearing date in about three weeks. I dropped him off at school, and I was to pick him up at home after school was out.

I spent most of the day shopping.. killing time and driving around Dalton. I found the Tanger Outlet and bought some stuff for J and for myself.

I went to pick up G around 4pm and we all had a long pow wow about how things are going to be, and why the things he’s done are wrong. I hope most of it actually sunk in, because I know down deep he’s a great kid.. he just feels he has to do certain things for people to like him at school.

After the pow wow G and I went to get something to eat, then headed back to my hotel. We went over some stuff he was having problems with in school, then called it a night. I dropped him off at school the next morning, and then spent the rest of the day driving around until school got out at noon.

If you looked at the photo albums I posted earlier you can see where I went that morning. I drove through the Battlefields most of the morning.. watching the sun come up and the deer grazing. I would have gone ghost hunting, but I didn’t know about the ghosts until I got back home and looked up the history on the area.

G and I headed up to Lookout Mountain and Rock City after school that day. We did some walking and checked out all the sights. We were going to see Ruby Falls, but it was getting late in the day, and we needed to head back to the hotel. We stopped off at the outlets on the way back, and did some more shopping. (Yep..more shopping)

I got G a couple of jeans and some shirts for school.. he’s out growing his stuff so fast now! I bought myself a couple of shirts, a new purse, and a scarf. After shopping we found a nice little Chinese Buffet place to have dinner at, then headed back to the hotel.

After a short swim in the tiny heated pool we called it a night and headed back to the room to watch some movies on television. We talked some more, and spent more time together and hopefully he’ll start acting like the G that I know, and not the G he thinks his friends in school wanted to see.

Saturday morning I headed back home.. after doing what is always the hardest thing for me to do…dropping G back off at home. The drive back was ok.. no ice like Friday, and the rain wasn’t too bad either. I was able to make it back in 4 hours…only stopping once to get gas.

And how was your week?