Rain rain rain… it looks like the rain is back again today.

Ok.. my visit with the ENT went well.. he says I have a nasal blockage, but that it can be taken care of with ‘turbinate surgery’. Everything is done at the outpatient center, and I’ll go home the same day. Right now we’re waiting until after school is out, just so I don’t have to miss any more classes.

I got home around 4ish.. then went straight to my marketing book. The rest of the evening was spent doing a practice quiz for all my chapters, and watching Stargate . Yep.. on Mondays I usually watch 4 episodes on the SciFi channel, and I’m almost up the the current season too. Some of the episodes I’d seen before, so those went to ‘mute’ while I concentrated on my studies.
OH.. yesterday I met up with J and some of his co-workers at Dreamland for lunch. You don’t have a Dreamland where you live? That’s not a problem.. they deliver. It was pretty good, and the portions were huge. Get all your napkins ready before you start, because your going to get messy. Are you the wing Rib master? Well they have bibs if you need one. All in all its a pretty good place to eat. A bit $$ for lunch, but still good.

Well its time to get ready for class.. have a wonderful Tuesday!