Back again..

Hmm.. I’ve done it again.  I’ve not posted for a few days, and now I need to play catch-up.  This weekend was really nice and I was sooo lazy.  Friday night I watched some tv and did a little reading for school.  Saturday we drove into town and had a nice barbeque lunch.. funny thing was this was the only time I can remember hearing Blue Grass music played at a restaurant.  After lunch we went for a drive, checking out downtown and trying to see where all the different little roads in our small town go too. 

After a nice drive (and not getting lost in the woods) we drove down to to the Rave Theatre and met up with some friends of ours to see “Big Fish”.  I can only say “WOW” that was such a cool movie!  It was nice to see all the different parts of our small town and know exactly where scenes were filmed.  The house that “Mr. Bloom” lived in (the big white house) is right downtown.. it was forsale, but not anymore because someone just bought it.  OH.. and the ‘radio commercial’ that was playing when the son went to visit his dad at home.. well that was a real ad for a real place here.. I wonder how much national advertising that was worth.

I was disappointed after watching the credits.  No where was the city or the people of Wetumpka thanked or anything.  Nothing like getting your whole downtown blocked off for months so that filming could take place. Thats sad..considering a majority of the movie was filmed here in Wetumpka.. should have known they would only mention the nearest big city which is Montgomery and Prattville.  Oh well.. at least we know it was filmed here.

After the movie we went over to the Mellow-Mushroom for dinner.. they were packed so we headed down to the sushi bar instead. We had a great dinner.. I was so stuffed by the time we got home.

Sunday was another lazy day. We worked in the back yard a little bit trying to find a place to put my water garden. I’m still not sure where it will end up… but maybe after the gutters are installed I’ll have a better idea of what will work.

Well today was nothing but a study day. Study study study… I guess thats why I’m not really hungry or anything. I’ve got two exams, and the Finance one on Thursday worries me. We took a practice test and then went over the test so we could see how he grades. Well he pretty much wants you to ’spit’ back out recall exactly what’s on the notes that he gives out for each chapter. Thats all fine and dandy, until you under stand each set of notes are 2-4 pages typed, front and back. Oh..we don’t get the last set of notes until tomorrows class either. … maybe it will all work out.. it always seems to.

Ok.. back to studying…