Ahh.. sunshine!

Hey! the sun is out today! Its nice seeing all the little birds out hopping around, and it sounds like spring with all the chirping too. Its funny that we only moved 15 miles away from town and out here we have lots of different birds to see. I especially like the bluebirds too… no not blue jays, but bluebirds. They are so cute.. I just love the colors. There are a couple of bright yellow birds that come around some too.. I’ll have to see if I can figure out what they are too.

Busy morning.. but I still have two chapters to finish reading before tomorrow. However, with the sunshine I feel like I need to be our planting flowers or something. This weekend we finally moved the gold fish from my water-garden at the other house up to the new house. Boy it was cold.. and rainy.. but we finally managed to catch them all. They are all happy in their new ‘temporary’ home. We’ll finish setting everything up once the weather warms up a little more.

Ok.. here goes.. I made a service call into our home warranty people.. they say we should hear something in a couple of hours from the folks who’ll do the service. The dishwasher started leaking, and there are a couple of small electrical things that need fixing… hmmm.. I think I covered everything. Maybe we’ll get a new dishwasher (keeping fingers crossed!)
Update: Dishwasher guy and the Electrician will be out Friday! Thats what I call service!

Class went well.. I stayed late to take an exam in Finance that I missed last Thursday. I actually went into school at 9am so that I had a good 2 hours of extra study time too. I must have been half asleep when I got there too, because I almost ended up in the ER.. LOL. Purse in one hand, Diet Dr. Pepper in the other, and a 30 pound backpack really don’t go together well when you trip going down stairs! The bad part was there wasn’t anyone around when it happened. I could see trying to track down J on the cell phone! I managed to catch myself before I fell.. the only loss was my Diet Dr. P.
(my ankle is a little stiff this morning.. but I think I’ll survive)

Ok.. off to do some reading.