Happy Leap Day

Here’s something I found over on MSN that I thought was pretty interesting:

“There was a time when the holiday was much more commonly celebrated. As recently as the early 1900s, there were concerts and balls held throughout the Leap years. And as a special bonus to women of the time, there was the “right” (sanctioned by Queen Victoria) to propose marriage to a man, or at least ask him to dance. If the man declined to marry, there was at least a consolation prize – he was supposed to provide a silk dress and a kiss on the cheek.”

“This tradition may trace to the 1200s, when a woman had the law backing her intention to propose during a Leap Year in some parts of Europe. She was required, however, to wear a red petticoat that showed beneath her skirts, “to give men the opportunity to run the other way,” says Sharman Robertson, archivist at Hallmark Cards….”

Read the complete article –> HERE

Celtic Music Concert: Feb. 20, 2004

Looking for something different to do? Do you like Celtic music? Do you live close to the Montgomery, AL area? If so.. check this out: ALTAN – Live February 29, 2004 7:30 P.M. Lee High School in Montgomery More from cmsm1025@hotmail.com Presented by: Celtic Music Society of Montgomery Read more about ALTAN at their homepage.