Yesterday turned into a really long day.  For the past couple of days I’ve had this constant feeling that my nose is stopped up, but if I try to blow it..nothing happens.  Well yesterday evening my left ear started hurting.. so I decided to head over to the doctors office before everything turns into a nasty head cold.

Well everything went well at the doctors office.. I got there around 4pm and they we not very busy. I told the doctor what I was feeling like.. then took a look up my nose. His remark was ‘OH WOW! Has anyone ever told you that you have a deviated septum?’ I’ve heard the term for years because of always working in a doctors office, but I didn’t think I had one. He explained that its the usual cause of recurring sinus infections.. yadda yadda yadda. I told him that he’s the first doctor in years to actually look up there, all the other times they look in my ears, throat or ‘tap’ my forehead to determine if I have an infection. Well he put me on three medicines.. a antibiotic, a decongestant, and a daily dose of Zyrtec at night.

As you can probably guess.. yes I’m sleepy.. so sleepy that I made myself get out of bed before J left for work, or I wouldn’t make it to school today. I’m feeling more awake now.. one Large cup of coffee down, and a pot left.

Other than that yesterday, all I’ve done is read and study.. and I messed around with my stuff on getting things repriced, and getting all the books together into one place.

OK.. off to the kitchen.. I hear a second cup of coffee calling me!