Weekend Update!

I hope everyone that’s off work today has a good holiday today.  Here in Dixie there are two birthday’s that are celebrated: Robert E. Lee and Martin Luther King Jr. ~~~

How was your weekend? Full of naps and rain like ours?  Friday night we grilled out and watched Black Hawk Down.  Pretty good, and the special effects looked pretty real.  Saturday J went down to the dojo for kyu (under black belts) testing that was to start at 10am…I stayed home to do some studying.  Well J called, and they were short a black belt for testing so I got dressed and headed down for the day.  Testing was over around 1:30pm and we were starving.  Usually everyone goes out for buffet after testing, but we forgot to bring a change of clothes.  Well usually we just pop over to the house (1/2 mile away), change clothes, and go out to lunch with everyone else.  This time was different.. we just decided to come on home, because by the time we drive home, change, and drive back to town everyone would be finished with lunch.

Instead we just changed clothes and went for Mexican here closer to home. By 3:00 we were back.. stuffed and looking forward to a short little nap. Well it was dark when we finally woke up!! For a few minutes I thought hmm.. is it morning, and almost rolled over and went back to sleep. We decided we better get up or we’ll be up all night. We got up.. listening to the rain and watched some television. Around 8:30 J heard a noise.. and after checking it out it was the neighbors (who weren’t home) burgulary alarm going off. Quick call to 911, and they sent the sherrif out to check it out. By 10:00 or 10:30 it was finally off.. but it didn’t matter, we were still wide awake. A  low-carb bowl of ice cream later, it was midnight and we were still awake.. go figure huh. Thats when we decided we really needed to try to get some sleep, or we’d be sleeping all day Sunday too.

Sunday was a lazy day too.. I watched a good bit of the Carol Burnett Show marathon that was on.. I didn’t see the one that I was watching for (with Tim Conway doing his impersonation of two elephants connected at the trunk..”Snorkel”) but it could be on the part I taped. That show just crackes me up. Ok.. time for me to do some reading. I spent most of the morning boxing up all my Ebay sales from this weekend too.. cha ching