Want to be awake at 4am?

This morning at 4 or so our dog decided she needed to go outside.  Pretty usual for her, so J got up and let her out.  Thats when I heard “Hey! Our yard if full of deer.. look!” (or something close to that..I was sleeping good).  Sure enough, I bet there were 20 or so deer grazing in our back yard!  Even as we were outside looking at them, one BIG doe just walks up into the yard..checking us out too.  I didn’t notice any bucks.. but considering how many little ones there were, there’s a buck or two out there somewhere.

So after our deer adventure we stayed up..no need in going to sleep for another hour. I finished up my reading for class today, and watched some news, then I boxed up the CD’s that I sold on Ebay so I can ship them off this morning.
Well I’m out of here for the day.. have a wonderful day!