Tuesday catch-up

Did you have a productive Tuesday?  I do believe I washed, dried, and folded about 6 loads of clothes!  Now that doesn’t mean that they have all been put away..I’m just saying they are ‘ready’ to be put away.   I cleaned and straightened up around the house, and emptied a few more boxes.  I also messed around with all my books on Half.com so that maybe I’ll have a clue where they are located at here, plus there were so many that needed to be deleted because I’d already sold them over on E-Bay.  After a few more boxes I should be finished re-adding them online.  Ever since we studied ’sunk’ costs in accounting I’ve been going through and slicing prices too.  Right now I’m to the point where I’m ready to just clear them all out, they are just taking up way too much space.  Last semester I dropped several at different locations around school.. I may do the same this semester with a lot of the paperbacks.  I’d love to read each and everyone of them.. but ‘recreational’ reading just doesn’t seem to happen when schools in session.