One room down

Slept in until 7 or so…I could have stayed in bed and slept all day (being a lazy butt and all..j/k).. then up to check email,  then watch a little tv before heading out for the day.  After picking up some supplies and we headed down to the other house to start some painting.  One room painted so far, and all that’s left to do in that room is paint the trim.  I do say it looks good, and its nice to see something other than white walls for a change.  We picked out a light gray blue called mountain air which will match the carpet.  The funny part was after we started painting I realized thats the same color in some of our rooms here! Coincidence??  Then for the living room we picked a antique white, thats more like a light cream color.  The painting went rather fast, but I’m sure the trim will take a bit longer.. maybe not though, once everythings taped up.  I’m not sure if we’ll be doing any painting tomorrow..rain finally arrived around 5pm and if it continues tomorrow we may wait until another day.. or not. 

For dinner I had some small steaks thawed out so that we could grill them on the grill. Well about the time we decided to toss them on the grill, J came back in and said “I hope you like them rare.” (Actually I do like my steaks medium rare). The grills out of gas, and the spare tank is in the storage building, and its raining. No problem.. I just changed out the unit on the oven, and popped in the grill.. presto..indoor grill Thats one way to start using all the attachments for the stove. However the taste just isn’t the same as cooking over a flame outside..

Ok.. off to watch some tv.. I hope your having a wonderful weekend!