Lazy days

Considering it was in the 30’s today, we had some time to catch up on some sleep, and watch a movie. 

We did go out for a little while.. downtown to a small cafe that’s been around since 1909 for lunch.  Nice ‘Blue Plate’ type lunch with drinks for two ..and only $11.  Then it was off to Walmart to pick up a few things for the house.

I grilled some chops and cooked some veggies for dinner, then I made myself a bowl of Special K for dinner.  For some reason I just don’t see losing 6 pounds in two weeks by doing this diet.  Cereal twice a day, and the other meal as normal.. hmm.. one week to go.. if all the fiber doesn’t get me first.

I finally got to watch Bruce Almighty!  Very funny so see it if you haven’t yet.  The outtakes on the DVD were good too.  I can’t imagine the strength those people would have had just to keep a straight face while filming.

Ok.. time to get some sleep.. tomorrow is ‘Study’ day.. um yeah.. I’ll get right on that studying as soon as I wake up.. LOL

Did I mention I toasted some pecans too? yummmmm