First Dibs on Tunes!

Giving everyone first dibs on some tunes I’ve got for sale!

32 Music CD’s @ EBAY

So many CD’s I’m finding that I really don’t have room for, and instead of them just sitting in a box, I thought I’d let others enjoy them.

Yesterday I unpacked a lot of boxes.. 15 so far. I’m finding stuff I don’t even remember packing! I’m so sore today.. I know it was from all the boxes I moved around yesterday.. or it could be from karate on Monday. YES.. I finally went back to class after a 7 month break. I could tell by the middle of class that I really need to get back to the Bow Flex too. Hmm.. I just might try that in a bit. I wonder what the temperture is downstairs where the equipment is? Its in the mid 20’s outside, this could be fun. Ok I checked.. compared to the temp outside its a balmy 63 downstairs. That’s not bad at all! Yeah for basements!