Class Assignment..

Last Thursday in my finance class the lecture turned to a discussion about cash flows.  Well now if we choose to do it, we are to keep up with all our cash outflows from the January 15th until April 15, then turn them in for bonus points.  Ok.. no problem with that, I set up a excel spreadsheet where it automatically adds each entry and keeps a running total and put it on my Axim.  We’re also supposed to put where we spent the money, what it was for, how much, and whether we paid by cash or by check (if you charge it, you only put it on your list when you pay the credit card bill).  I wonder how many will actually do this little project.  Can you feel the stress of spending money building in the future?  Not just spending it.. but seeing where every little penny goes…and not just me, but for everyone to see!  I bet I start taking Diet Dr. Peppers from home now on for school.. I’d hate to see all those $1’s for getting one out of a vending machine at school!  LOL