Busy Hump Day

This morning I was up early.. I heard a noise and couldn’t figure out what it was.  J was downstairs working out, but I must have been hearing things because at first it sounded like he was putting clothes in the dryer! Then it sounded like someone trying to come in from downstairs.. what a way to start the day.  I watched a little news and saw the beginning of The Year of the Monkey  celebration in China.  Move over Dick Clark.. I think you’ve been beat!  Today was the official New Year for China, and FoxNews was broadcasting some of it live. China takes its holidays very serious.. talk about some lavish decorations and celebrations! 

Later after finishing up my spreadsheet for Finance class I headed down to Target (Tarjaaa) LOL to pick up a few things for the house, then dropped by the little house to check things out. We really need to work on the water garden this weekend so I can move my babies up here. I know they must miss me.. -( but I know that right now with all the cold weather they aren’t doing much anyway. Its amazing how fish will survive during winter.. they must have some type of built in anti-freeze or something (j/k).
Does anyone know of a easy way to make a duvet (quilt cover)? I bought a down comforter today and the only duvet they had that was supposed to fit wasn’t the right size, and they didn’t have a color to match the bedroom. I think I could just sew together two nice sheets, and fix a closure on one end, I’ve just never made one myself. Maybe there is something over on Martha Stewart or DYI.com. I also thought about just getting the next size up, and taking it in a little.. but I might just try to do one myself first.
Ok.. off to read more about Global Marketing..