Bringing you up to date

For the most part the past week is pretty much a blur.  Each day running into the next…why does that happen around holidays? 

I spent the past couple of weeks being a mom.  We had a great visit, and it was hard to drop G back off to head home on Saturday.. its so quiet around here now.  Well not that it was noisy or anything, its just I was used to there being at least one other person here with us.

During the holiday break we (G & Me) took a trip to our little historic downtown, to see what we could find. We found a cool little bookstore that sells new and used books. I bought a book of drink recipes that tells you how to make different types of tea and specialty drink mixes for gifts. Its like putting all the ingredients together into a jar or bag, and instructions on how to make the drinks. Its for giving.. or in my case, I’ll be drinking the stuff myself.

The owner of the bookstore told us about another business down the street, its a herb shop and coffee bar. We walked down to check it out, and came home with a new catnip toy for Tora, and a jar of homemade muscadine jelly!

After our store finds, we headed down to the river to feed the ducks. We must have been too late because they weren’t interested in our treats at all. When we were there before they almost attacked us because they were so hungry!

Friday morning I went to school to buy my books for this semester. I knew not to wait until Monday to go..otherwise I’d be stuck buying all new books. Three classes..three books..$300… seems I need to check into buying stock in these college textbook companies..they are making a killing! The good part is I saved $100 by buying USED!

Friday night we had our first house guests over for dinner. It was nice having room to entertain! We grilled some burgers and then watched a movie on television. Our friend is being deployed in a few weeks to head over to you know where, so maybe we’ll be able to get together again before he has to leave. I’ll be glad when everyone is back home where they need to be… but I do support our troops.

The rest of the days are pretty much a blur.. working on the house and getting the other one cleaned up. Today though we got the riding mower running and mowed the lawn for the first time.. an all day job it turned out. Thats not to mention we spent the whole day on Friday raking and blowing leaves! Ahh.. to be land owners! LOL

Ok.. time to find the bubble bath and go for a long soak…